• Joe Street - Street Toyota

    I'm pleased to write a recommendation. In the summer of 2001 we contracted PSB to add five new service bays to our service department. We are very please with the results and with the length of time it took to do the project. We would definitely recommend them and will be considering them again for any future projects.

  • John Reid - Stanfield Printing Co.

    The price was the lowest I received, probably because PSB listened to what I wanted more than other companies. When something wasn't what I expected (and I'm picky), all I did was mention it and it was fixed to my expectation. When we need another building our first call will be PSB. When we overpaid for the project, the gladly wrote us a check of reimbursement.

  • Darryl Baldwin - Panhandle Tire

    I'm happy to recommend Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. I employed Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. to build a new building for my company. I found them to be courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. The work was done professionally, promptley and at a reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to use PSB again.

  • Franklin McCasland - Mountain Road Truck Wash

    They erected our 75' X 100' building in 2001 and we are very pleased with the professional job that PSB has done on our building. I would definately recommend PSB to anyone wanting a great looking building. They care about the job that they are doing for you! The follow and service after the job was complete was excellent.



How Steel Buildings Can Last A Lifetime

Steel buildings offer surprising cost advantages over other building materials. This is important, especially because the creation and purchase of any building is quite the investment. When it comes to building structures for commercial purposes such as operations and maintenance buildings, factories, churches, retail spaces, etc., longevity is a factor in how cost effective a building will be. For commercial buildings, a building must last for many, many years in order for there to be a return on the initial investment. 

How You Can Tell If Your Metal Building Company Is Trustworthy

Creating a metal building will be quite the investment for any individual or business. That’s why it is vital that before proceeding with a project, you are 100% confident that the steel building company of your choosing is trustworthy and experienced. The relationship between a building owner and a steel building company is not to be entered into lightly. Weigh your options and ask yourself these questions before hiring a metal building company to ensure that the company you choose is trustworthy:

Steel Operations And Maintenance Buildings For Wind Farms

Drive along many major highways in the Texas Panhandle and you are bound to come across wind farms. Hundreds of white turbines tower over the plains, constantly moving from the West Texas winds. Over the past decade, the wind industry has become a part of the landscape here. And, because a wind farm doesn’t simply run itself, it has created many jobs. Many of these workers do their jobs daily out in the middle of nowhere, on the wind farm. These professionals need a shelter to do their work and naturally, that shelter is often a steel building

How Steel Buildings Protect Occupants From Noise Pollution

The world is loud and we are so used to it that often we don’t notice it anymore. However, whether we realize it or not, noise pollution negatively affects our health and our livelihood. The constant rumbling of cars driving by, the clamoring of construction, and the humming of machines takes a toll on our bodies by increasing stress, fatigue, and irritability, while decreasing concentration. This is especially true for people working in business districts and among commercial areas. 

How Steel Buildings Can Save You Money

We know that steel buildings are durable, strong, and good for environment but did you know that building with steel is also good for a building owner’s wallet? Surprisingly, steel buildings have the potential to save you thousands of dollars when compared to other building materials like wood, brick, and concrete. For commercial and public buildings like churches, retail stores, gas stations, and oil and wind industry outbuildings, you know that money matters. Choosing a steel framed structure for these types of projects will help you save money before, during, after construction. 

The Role Of The General Contractor

Things can be hectic on a job site for any sort of building: commercial or residential. There are laborers, subcontractors, inspectors, and other people milling about and performing their specific duties. On a job site, there has to be one person that orchestrates the entire show and that person is the general contractor. By working on behalf of the owner and architect, the general contractor gets stuff done. They are the one person who makes things happen in a timely and cost effective manner. A contractor wears many hats and a skilled, high-quality general contractor will perform the following duties during a construction project:

Should You Be Your Own General Contractor?

Many men and women in Amarillo, TX have the do-it-yourself attitude. It comes from the way we were raised. Why pay someone for something you can do yourself? While it’s possible to be your own general contractor for small, residential construction and remodeling, in the world of commercial construction, it is usually better to stick with the pros. Here’s what might happen if you decide to be your own general contractor for a large, commercial job.

A Building Owner's Role In A Great Construction Process

While the majority of the hard work, labor, and responsibility that goes into a commercial construction job is left to the general contractor, there is one key player that should never be forgotten: the building owner. The building owner has a set of responsibilities all their own that help contribute to a successful project and the building owner has more at stake in the project than anyone else.