• Joe Street - Street Toyota

    I'm pleased to write a recommendation. In the summer of 2001 we contracted PSB to add five new service bays to our service department. We are very please with the results and with the length of time it took to do the project. We would definitely recommend them and will be considering them again for any future projects.

  • John Reid - Stanfield Printing Co.

    The price was the lowest I received, probably because PSB listened to what I wanted more than other companies. When something wasn't what I expected (and I'm picky), all I did was mention it and it was fixed to my expectation. When we need another building our first call will be PSB. When we overpaid for the project, the gladly wrote us a check of reimbursement.

  • Darryl Baldwin - Panhandle Tire

    I'm happy to recommend Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. I employed Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. to build a new building for my company. I found them to be courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. The work was done professionally, promptley and at a reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to use PSB again.

  • Franklin McCasland - Mountain Road Truck Wash

    They erected our 75' X 100' building in 2001 and we are very pleased with the professional job that PSB has done on our building. I would definately recommend PSB to anyone wanting a great looking building. They care about the job that they are doing for you! The follow and service after the job was complete was excellent.



The Most Important Questions to Ask a General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor is not the same as finding a restaurant to eat at for the night. When looking for a place to eat out, you can do a simple Google search, look at online reviews, and decide quickly where to go. If the restaurant wasn’t so great, you don’t lose much money or time. You just won’t eat at that restaurant again. With a general contractor, you can also do a Google search. This will give you a list of possibilities. However, it is important to do extensive research with each of your candidates and make sure you are hiring an experienced, qualified general contractor. With a general contractor, the stakes are high and once time and money are lost, there’s no getting them back. 

Steel Buildings Work Great For Retail Spaces

One of the most widespread uses of steel buildings is in the retail industry. When you think of steel, you might think of industrial facilities, factories, and warehouses but in reality, shopping malls, gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, and more are all using steel framed buildings. And at Panhandle Steel in Amarillo, Texas we have been fortunate to be a part of many new commercial retail steel buildings, such as Frontier Fuels’ convenience store in Dalhart, TX. 

Hiring A General Contractor In Amarillo Can Save You Money

You might be thinking, “Wait, what? A general contractor can actually save me money? How is that possible when I have to pay them a large amount of money to do something I can probably do myself?” Well, firstly, you might be able to be your own general contractor if you are remodeling your home bathroom but for large-scale, commercial construction jobs like retail spaces, churches, office buildings, and industrial buildings, being your own general contractor isn’t the best idea. 

Industrial Steel Buildings: The Best Choice For Any Industry

When used for commercial, industrial building applications, steel shines. Most industries - food, oil & gas, wind energy, agriculture, automotive, and manufacturers, for example - currently utilize steel buildings extensively. Steel structures are used in almost every way imaginable: as offices, as storage sheds, as operations and maintenance buildings, as factories, the list goes on and on. Steel is usually the first choice when it comes to industrial uses and here’s why:

Things That Can Go Wrong During A Construction Project...And What A General Contractor Will Do About It

A construction site has the potential to be a hotbed of disasters, oversights, injuries, and delays or a construction site can be organized, smoothly functioning, safe, and profitable for all parties. Today, we will talk about all of the disasters that could strike during the construction of a commercial property and we will discuss what an experienced contractor will do to first, prevent the disaster and secondly, react to it. A general contractor must run a tight ship because, as Murphy’s law states, “anything that can wrong, will go wrong.” And there is a lot that can go wrong when you are dealing with dozens of workers and subcontractors who are all just trying to do their job. However, when a great general contractor is in charge, each potential disaster becomes a tiny bump in the road. 

How A General Contractor Prevents Issues & Oversights During A Commercial Construction Project

A lot of things can go wrong during a construction project. For example, the project could go over-budget, the subcontractors could abandon the project, the quality of work could be sub-par, the building could fail city inspections...should we go on? Basically, anything can go wrong when a large scale construction project is happening. The last thing any building owner wants is to get half way through their new construction project only to discover a slew of issues. 

Panhandle Steel In Amarillo, TX Can Build Many Types Of Steel Buildings

After nearly 65 years in the business of building steel structures all over West Texas, we have gained experience with almost any type of steel building project imaginable. As our website states, “Panhandle Steel Buildings possesses the competencies, the experiences, the methodologies and the relationships to partner with the owner to undertake construction projects of almost any size, any scope, any depth and any breadth.” 

Steel Buildings And Humidity In West Texas

In the Texas Panhandle, humidity isn’t normally something we think about. We are used to hot and dry summers. However, this year has been a different story with many parts of Texas flooding from the excess rain. Some days this summer could even be described as muggy. And it’s an El Nino year so we can expect even more moisture coming up this fall and winter. This goes to show that buildings, especially steel buildings, need to be built with any type of weather conditions in mind if they are meant to last for many years. 

Steel Buildings Can Take Many Forms

When people hear the words steel building, ideas that come to mind might be ugly, industrial, cold, dark, etc. They may think of factories, farm sheds, industrial buildings, and storage facilities. These types of buildings aren’t exactly known for their style and architectural beauty. However, the term “steel building” is a bit of a misnomer and it doesn’t do justice to some of the beautiful, modern structures that are made of steel.