Panhandle Steel Buildings

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How & When We Began

R.C. Davis established Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. in 1951. When Mr. Davis passed away, the company was purchased by a partnership made up of L.F. Blake, D.R. Rank and Al Whitehurst. Mr. Rank eventually bought out his partners and became the sole owner. Mr. Rank passed away in 1994 and Kyle Powers bought the company from his estate with the transaction culminating in 1995.

Under Kyle’s leadership, the company has experienced continued success by becoming NQA-1 and ISO-9000 certified, and adhering to the same values and practicing the same principles that have been the foundation for success since the beginning. Among these are the belief that the only way to do business is by treating every customer as a valued friend and neighbor. This philosophy has led to an enormous amount of repeat business and wonderful word-of-mouth promotion by our current and past customers. Our reputation is our most treasured asset.

Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc.’s basic principles of doing business are: To model and practice integrity, good taste and common sense in everything we do, To develop and maintain honest, responsible, dependable and mutually rewarding relationships with customers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and the community at-large, To respect the rights, wants, needs, and opinions of all those that we come in contact with, and to develop and maintain positive relationships with federal, state, local and TAMUS regulatory agencies and to follow, laws, rules, directives and standards to the best of our ability.

The company has continued to adapt throughout the years and has completed projects of almost every type in both the public and the private sectors. From the earliest days of the company, Panhandle Steel Buildings realized that success and long-term viability would depend on the company’s ability to adapt to changing times and changing needs. Initially the company’s primary business was the construction of grain bins for the agriculture industry in the Panhandle.

During the 1970s PSB experienced a gradual migration from primarily agricultural construction to commercial buildings. With the 1980s the company added remodeling to its business mix. Since that time the company has continued to expand its competencies to include a full array of construction services and products ranging from landscaping to parking lots to bowling alleys. A large part of our versatility and adaptability has been the direct result of the many projects that we have completed in support of the small and diverse city that is West Texas A&M University.

Today Panhandle Steel Buildings possesses the competencies, the experiences, the methodologies and the relationships to partner with owner to undertake construction projects of almost any size, any scope, any depth and any breadth.